Thank You For Holding

2024 launches with a brand new show! 

‘Thank You For Holding’ is a step into unknown waters. It sprung from a simple premise: how do I perform the experience of trying to reach an operator at a call centre? We know all too well that the customer service experience is marked by long periods of waiting, with menu choices sometimes leave you at a dead end. 

The show encapsulates all of these emotions but, rather than replicate the horrible experience of trying to reach an airline or telco (yes, we’ve all been on hold there), I created a speculative world for the call centre. Called the city under the city, this is a nowhere place, both a commentary on the unequal commodification of labour and an escape into another world. 

Through a combination of movement, monologues, and live music, the audience decides how the narrative unfolds. Your choices will lead to further categories and subcategories, triggering various responses – some in the form of a story, others as questions, and still others as confessions. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll get to listen to the Operator. 

Catch ‘Thank You For Holding’ at #Textures2024: 

19 Jan 2024, Fri at 8pm 
20 Jan 2024, Sat at 3pm & 8pm 
Venue: Play Den, The Arts House⁣ 


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Written and directed by Marc Nair in collaboration with Sudhee Liao (choreography), Mantravine (music), Audrey Ng and Low Zi Hao (art direction). Featuring Arunditha, Chan Hsin Yee and Jack Ng. Voiceovers by Carolyn Oei and Marc Nair. 

Author: Marc

Creative educator. Sometime photographer. Fiddler of words.