Sounds Like A Buzz

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Here are 15 tracks that chart a course through a diverse landscape of words, melodies and beats. Replete with a host of well-known collaborators, Sounds Like A Buzz is Marc Nair’s third full-length spoken word album and the first released under Maker Records. Produced and released by James Lye.

Sounds Like A Buzz is accompanied by a limited-edition chapbook that contains the texts of all the poems and a short essay on spoken word. It is woven together with photographs that add a different way of apprehending the pieces. Together, it becomes a sound that makes it way into the world; low, insistent and dreaming of new hives.

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The first single from Sounds Like A Buzz is Smoking A Poem. It is a poem that has stayed with me for many years as a faithful ode to poetry and writing. Guitars by Daniel Tan.

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The second single is a collaboration with .gif. It is a fun take on how millennials are squeamish about handling raw food.

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The third single is a spoken word duet with Deborah Emmanuel about our love-hate relationship with Chemistry, quite possibly the hardest subject we had to do in school.

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