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As a multidisciplinary artist, my work resides in a variety of formats. It is found in print, performed onstage and resides on various websites. It is a melding of text, primarily through poems, with both still and moving images.

The common thread that runs throughout is a dialogic engagement with the everyday. I draw inspiration from the photographs I take and spoken word poems that respond to societal issues, fitting form to function in presenting these ideas through exhibitions, photowalks and chapbooks.

My collaborative practice springs from a similar well of curiosity. Subject matter is secondary to the creative process of thinking and making with other artistic selves who often occupy a different creative field. The challenge is in making work that sits within the public imaginary yet holds critical value.

In presenting a range of publications, exhibitions and documentation over the last five years, this digital portfolio aims to offer a systematic overview of my artistic practice.





Spoken Word

Album launch, May 6 2022. Link to album:


Developed during the La Wayaka Residency, Panama (2019)
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This practice-led PhD, Self-Portrait: A Performance Autoethnography of Un-Faithing, takes the form of a creative-critical dissertation (Volume 1) alongside the presentation of a folio of creative works (Volume 2). Drawing on concepts of ‘performance autoethnography’ developed by Norman Denzin, Tami Spry, D. Soyini Madison, Carolyn Ellis and others, the PhD dissertation is structured as an experimental and, at times, satirical church service, which aims to creatively embody, critique and subvert hegemonic expressions of faith, and to document this processual development of un-faithing. It incorporates a variety of forms relevant to my continually developing multidisciplinary writing practice (poetry, spoken word, memoir, satire, and critical reflection). It also splits the ‘self’ into six performing and practising selves (six ‘Marcs’), deploying and showcasing their various creative and critical skills and energies as a means to interrogate the effects of a change in worldview on a diverse writing practice.

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