Body Count

Over 100 Indonesian election workers people died in the 2024 polls. That is dire in and of itself, but thankfully the mortality rate has come down from over 900 in 2019. 

To lift 
a man and his party 
to the mountain-top, 

he steps on the contours 
of a thousand upturned faces, 
using fingers and toes to clock 

hours of votes that flood 
counting stations, that stop
only after the opposition is stilled.

At the end, 
a man accepts praise, 
early declarations of victory

while those who have 
added up the legislature of 
his new life return to their own,

carrying exhaustion like a flag 
listless in the aftermath of a storm;
these votes that remain uncounted. 

Author: Marc

Creative educator. Sometime photographer. Fiddler of words.