Neon Lights

neon-lights-2016-full-scheduleThis weekend is Neon Lights, a madcap music festival that also has a large chunk of exciting arts programming. In addition to trying to catch some of my favourite acts like Foals, Jose Gonzales and Funkadelic, I’m curating the spoken word segment of the festival. Held in the Rocking Horse tent, it’ll feature new work by Deborah Emmanuel, Steph Dogfoot, Ng Yi-Sheng, Jennifer Champion, Shivram Gopinath, Kok Wei Liang, Shak and yours truly.

We go on in between the bands, so there’s no danger of being drowned out! If you’re thinking of going for the festival this weekend, maybe this will help you decide. And if you’re already going to be there, do drop by and say hi!




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