You need to be there
Everybody talks about it
People don’t want fiscal barriers

The margins are narrow
The problem with traders?
No dedicated financing

Quick reenactment of an idiot colleague
More laughter

The competition risk is always going to be there
The relationship is going ok
I don’t think

The other institutions take the same approach
We would love to increase our resource flows
Folks in London look after our accounts there

How much are we looking for
It’s still very much in discussion
It takes us quite a while to get a new product up

I just need to understand
Where we are
How signable it all is

At best $100-150 million tops
Don’t see it going to a quarter of a billion
Still buying up Russian oil?

You got a bit of a wild card in DT
If he takes a hardline… oil price.. the likelihood… harder for the Gulf states… that’s what he wants…

To see you
Take care




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