Everything is Grief

It is easier to see 
everything as grief,
as things soon broken
or sold with a warranty
limited by technology’s
invisible frontier, almost
always within reach

Like pencils with carbon 
cores compromised 
out of the box,
each act of sharpening 
a futile wish to define 
the point of being here

while somewhere, someone
is sending an email
with your name on it 
as a portent of trouble 
with missing attachments
couched in corporate joy 

To grieve is to be shrouded
and yet remain exposed,
bereft in a back alley,
waiting to be picked up
or recycled, like some 
brutal reincarnation

We who crave meaning,
who chide the sun and long 
to live forever, should embrace 
the dark side of the moon 
instead, from where
shuttles never return

Author: Marc

Creative educator. Sometime photographer. Fiddler of words.