Marc Nair at TEDxSingapore 2015
Marc performing at Plumstead Manor School, London 2016 Photo credit Hon Jing Yi
Performing at Plumstead Manor School, London, 2016

I have five years of teaching experience in a Junior College in Singapore. Subjects I have taught include General Paper, English Literature and Project Work.

I have also conducted workshops for the Creative Arts Programme, National Heritage Board, Singapore Art Museum, National Library Board and numerous schools both in Singapore and overseas.

I run a range of introductory and advanced workshops for schools and the public. I also conduct talks and assembly performances.

Do drop me an email for further details and a customised quote.

Selected courses are also subsidised under the NAC-AEP grant.

Speaking at Metropolitan School Frankfurt in January 2016.
Speaking at Metropolitan School Frankfurt in January 2016.


Speaking Up – Performance Poetry  

An introduction to the fundamental elements of spoken word. What makes it different from poetry found on the page? What does it mean to perform a poem? Participants will also get a chance to write and perform their own spoken word poem.

Duration: 1 hour
Participants: No minimum or maximum
Cost per programme: $1000

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Introduction To Spoken Word

This course delves deeper into writing different kinds of spoken word, considering areas such as using personal experience, popular culture, music and others. Both individual and group writing will be covered.

Duration: 10 hours, 5 sessions
Participants: 15 min, 25 maximum
Cost per programme: $2500 or $10 per hour

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A multi-disciplinary journey of image making; both as a writer and shutterbug. Participants will be immersed into the theoretical and practical applications of connecting photography with writing in different genres. The course will cover poetry, flash fiction and creative non-fiction.

Course duration: 10 hours, 4 sessions
Participants: 10 min, 25 maximum
Cost per participant: $250
Appropriate Age groups: 10-13, 13-16, 15-18, 18 and above

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Podcasting: Comic Timing

Satire has always been a tool of discourse. It uses comedy to express social concerns and gives voice to alternative views. In this half-day workshop, participants will learn how to brainstorm, script and record individual and group comic podcasts using social satire and current events.

Duration: 4 hours
Participants: 10 min, 20 maximum
Cost per participant: $75

Animal City Stories

This is a writing workshop for younger sturdents that focuses on using personification to create narratives about animals doing unlikely things. Material will be drawn from Marc’s book, Animal City.

Duration: 2 hours
Participants: 10 min, 25 maximum
Cost per participant: $40 (including materials)
Age Group: 9-13

Corporate Workshop: The Power of Poetry

An innovative, interactive and unique approach to developing thought leadership and jump-starting creative productivity through literature. Poetry is a compact and beautiful vehicle to convey thoughts, write snappy copy and build powerful presentations.

Duration: 3 hours
Cost: $250 per person
Class size: 10-20

Workshop notes:

  • Explore big ideas in compact form
  • Explain universal themes in an innovative way
  • Present the abstract in concrete forms
  • Build lasting images, analogies and stories
  • Team-building exercises on creativity